Pearl Drop Earrings

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The Pearl Drop Earrings from Anais & Aimee, the epitome of classical beauty reimagined for the modern connoisseur. These exquisite earrings feature lustrous baroque pearls suspended from a delicately sculpted gold frame, exuding an air of luxury and timeless grace. Each pearl is hand-selected for its unique shape and iridescent sheen, while the gold setting is crafted to evoke the intricate designs of the baroque era. Ideal for those who appreciate the art of fine jewelry, these earrings are a statement of sophistication and opulence.


  • Earring Height:  4.3cm
  • Hoop Width/Diameter:  1.4cm
  • Pearl Dimensions: Measuring 0.8cm in height and 0.75cm in width
  • Materials: Crafted with the finest gold and adorned with handpicked baroque pearls, each chosen for its lustrous sheen and enchanting shape