How to Adjust Your Resizable Rings

How to Adjust Your Resizable Rings

At Anais & Aimee, we offer adjustable rings that can easily be resized. By following our detailed instructions, you can resize your ring correctly and avoid damaging your pieces.

To Make the Ring Larger

Step 1: Grip Both Sides of the Ring Band and Hands gripping both sides of the adjustable ring band.

Step 2: Gently Pull the Ring Outwards and Hands gently pulling the ring outwards to enlarge it.

Step 3: Apply Light Pressure at the Top and Thumbs applying light pressure at the top of the ring to maintain its round shape.

Step 4: Test the Ring on Your Finger and Testing the ring on the finger to ensure it fits comfortably.

To Make the Ring Smaller

Step 1: Put the ring on your finger.

Step 2: Squeeze the band inward gently with your index finger and thumb.

Step 3: Apply light pressure with your thumbs to maintain the ring's round shape.

Step 4: Repeat until the ring fits comfortably.

Readjusting Your Ring

Adjustments should be done in small increments. Avoid frequent resizing to prevent weakening the band.

Removing Your Ring

Twist the ring gently upward to remove it, and twist it downward to put it on. Do not resize the ring for removal or fitting, as this can cause damage.

Follow these steps to ensure your adjustable rings remain in perfect condition.